Fitting in Fitness; How To Plan And Schedule Your Day

Does The Early Bird Really Get The Worm?

I am NOT an early bird. Anyone who knows me will undoubtedly attest to that. However, I’ve forced myself to adopt this motto in response to my daily schedule changing again. I recently went to work outside my home a few days a week and had to figure out a new schedule to make sure I stay on track with my goals. I love, LOVE working out at 9am. It’s my sweet spot and has been for years. It’s what I thought was optimal or ideal for me. I thought there was no way I would get up and get in a good workout before then because I just wouldn’t have the energy and so it wouldn’t be a good workout. I had to realize I was putting limits on myself that were simply not true. I had to get out of my own way, remind myself I can do anything I set my mind to and do it anyway. Who can relate? Don’t get in the way of yourself!

For a season I’ll be working helping out at my hubbys office. It’s for a season, maybe more, has flexibility for which I’m both extremely grateful and was a deciding factor for me. It’s important to know your boundaries and stick to them. I knew it had to still allow me to work on entrepreneurship, this blog, etc.  The first thing I did was begin to plan (planner over here) what days would pull me out of my usual routine here and of those days what needed to be done before I left the house (workout, food prep, etc) and set up a timeline. A timeline for success if you will. I don’t want this new variable to distract me from my lifestyle and goals. Having a plan you prepare and work towards leads to success!

Know Yourself, What Works For You & What Doesn’t!

Use that knowledge to your advantage. If you know you come home from work each day exhausted and the last thing you want to do is workout, schedule it and make it fit into your morning routine before your day gets going. Maybe you have a hard time getting up but have a ton of energy at the end of your day? Schedule it then and use the extra energy to your advantage. Just plan and schedule it when you know you’ll be most likely to succeed and then do it! One thing I know about human nature is if something is important to us, we find a way. An appointment with yourself is just as important as one you make with our doctor and you wouldn’t cancel on them. Don’t forget to schedule and make your health and wellness a priority.

Plan, Prepare & Perform

The three P’s you can use in any scenario when you want to accomplish something are plan, prepare and perform. As I said before, when I realized my new days were about to change and would require a new routine I immediately sat down and began planning. My goals are important to me and I know myself so well at this point. I knew if I didn’t have a plan I’d be planning to fail.

I began by writing a timeline of a typical day. Filled in work hours first, then backed up and added travel time, backed up again to include showering and getting ready to leave the house, backed it up again to make room for a workout and lastly backed it up another 30 minutes of wake up time. This told me when I needed to set my alarm on those days. I’m not one who can jump out of bed and go workout, nor is it safe to exercise without allowing yourself to wake up and warm up before you begin. Please be kind give yourself some time for a cup of coffee and rub the sleepy dirt out of your eyes! I didn’t stop there. I then moved forward to the end of my day, built in travel time home, and a 45 minute walk once I got there to help me decompress and relieve stress. After that, the rest of the day is whatever I need it to be.

Prepping involves making another list of all the foods and snacks you can easily take with you and making sure you shop, organize meals and snacks, and pack to take with you each day, so you’ll never be without the nutrition you need. I like to have a lot of options so I won’t get hungry or bored.

This all may seen a bit much for some or overwhelming but its actually really helpful. Once you plan and prepare all you have to do is work your plan. Think of it like a “To Do” list that helps keep you accountable to your goals!

What Is My Fitness Routine Now?

I currently strength train each day during the week for 30-45 minutes and walk for 45 minutes. On Saturday I like to get in a little circuit or go on a 20-30 minute interval style run. My favorite right now is 30 seconds running, 60 seconds walking, alternating. Sunday is always a rest day! Here’s a fun little circuit I did this weekend. Try it and see what you think!

  • Push Ups – 10
  • Renegade Rows – 10 each side
  • Jump Rope – 45 sec

(Rest 60 seconds, repeat 4 more times)

Push Ups

Renegade Rows

Jump Rope

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