5 Best Snacks To Have With You When You Travel

Let’s face it, we’re all more susceptible to overeating when we travel. Our routines are off and there are so many opportunities to eat out (maybe even all the opportunities) it makes it difficult for even the most determined of us to stay on track. Lucky for us though, with a little planning and preparation we can insure success in limiting how much we eat off plan. If you can keep good snacks around and ward off hunger before it becomes too intense, you’re more likely to be successful in sticking to your goals. I happen to be traveling this week and these items have saved me more than a few times. When I head out to my workshop the next two days I’ll have at least three of these items in my bag since I don’t know when we’ll have breaks or what type of food will be available.

Be sure to have these 5 snacks…

When you get into town, wether you’re staying in a timeshare (like me) or hotel room you’ll likely have a refrigerator you can keep these items in. Plan ahead and go to the store right when you get to your destination so you’ll be set for the duration.

1. Protein Bars

I’ll never tire of saying this. While not all snacks have to be, those high in protein help keep you satiated and lead to greater success when you might be away from food for longer periods of time. Protein bars are handy, fit easily in your bag and come in so many flavors you’re bound to find one that’s satisfying to your individual taste! They don’t need to be refrigerated so they get bonus points in my book. My favorite are these from dotFIT. I use many of their supplements. They help fill in the holes in my daily nutrition and have made a huge difference in reaching my fitness goals. 150-180 cals 12-15P/18-26C/506F

2. Granola and Greek Yogurt

This is one of my favorite travel snacks. I sometimes use it as dessert in the evening because it tastes like such a treat. Add fresh strawberries and I think you’ll agree! One container and 1/6 cup granola is all you need for added crunch. Don’t forget to check granola labels when shopping though. Many brands have extra calories and not much protein. I’ve found Kind to be very macro friendly and it tastes great too!  170 cals 14P/24C/2F

3. Light Cheese Sticks

At just 50 cals each these little cheese sticks pack quite the flavorful punch! They contain little fat and carbs making them an ideal solution if you find yourself lacking protein at the end of the day. Small and portable, they’re easy to throw in your bag and take with you on the go! 50 cal 6P/1C/2.5F

4. Sliced Apples ( with or without PB2)

One of my staple snacks when I’m on the go. You can make the PB2 paste ahead of time and put in a small container or forgo it all together. Sliced or whole apples are portable and easy to take with you wherever you go, contain just enough carbs so you’ll have energy when you need it, plus, they’re delicious! PB2 has been a game changer for me. This product has removed most of the fat while keeping the protein. I add it to my shakes and morning oatmeal keeping all the flavor but without approximately 1/4 of the calories and fat. Apple (5oz.) 83 cal 0P/20C/0F PB2: 50 cal 5P/5C/1.5F

5. Protein Powder

Many people, myself included, use this as a meal replacement but they’re also handy snacks when you’re out and need nutrition but don’t really have a lot of time or choices. You don’t need to keep anything cold. Just take a scoop along with you in a small container or zip lock bag, your shaker bottle and a water bottle (a drinking fountain works in a pinch too!). Mix together, shake and you have an ideal snack to keep you satisfied until you get to your meal. My go to protein powder is also dotFIT. It’s delicious and has 150 cal 25P/7C/2F. Blend with your favorite fruit for an incredible smoothie!

There you have it. I hope you see with a little planning and preparation you’ll always have good, healthy choices at the ready when you travel!

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    1. Thanks Tracy! We travel a lot so healthy snack ideas are very helpful. I will look into dotFIt. Would love to hear some thoughts on good tasting granola that’s healthy but kids will still eat. Keep up the great work! So amazing to hear all that you have done!

      1. You’re welcome Dayna! I’m glad this is something you can use. As far as granola goes, I like whatever I can get at target that has the better macronutrients and less calories. KIND has been that one for me. It close to half the sugar and calories as Nature Valley (most stores readily carry and its most visible too) and has close to twice the protein. My kids like KIND and eat it by itself or in yogurt, etc. We even add it to the top of ice cream. Hope that helps. If I find any others I’ll let you know. I’ll also be doing a recipe for homemade granola soon. 🙂

        Thanks for following! Hope you all are well.

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